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Sunset Gold Dust Basket

Sunset Gold Dust Basket

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About this Item 
    • OFFICE AND HOME - Use our stainless steel waste baskets in your bedrooms and bathrooms for general waste. Furnish every office in your workplace with these stainless steel waste baskets under the desk or in the garage to keep things tidy and organized.

    • STYLISH PRACTICAL DESIGN – Elegant metallic finish with minimilist look. These dust baskets are designed to have a large opening with a tall body so you can easily throw trash into them without having to take a lid on and off, and ensuring that the waste goes directly into the wastebin.

    • EXTRA FEATURES - Designed to complement most décor themes. The mesh sides of the dustbasket keeps them well-ventilated, preventing any bad odor or moisture build-up from the trash left inside the dustbasket.

    • TOP QUALITY - Supplied in a modern, metallic, reinforced stainless steel, these recycling bins are perfect for storing your trash in a discreet way around the home and workplace, and are made from the highest quality materials for extra durability and longevity.

    • LIGHTWEIGHT & STURDY - constructed with a solid reinforced rim and base for extra strength, we have built these durable under desk bins with a high end lightweight and sturdy stainless steel. Plus, they are easy to empty into larger waste cans or industrial garbage cans.

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